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Introducing Customer Hub.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Content Marketing Specialist
introducing customer hub for customer service

Research shows email remains the preferred support channel for customers after phone[1]. Offering support via email, however, can feel daunting and disorganised for customers.  

Challenges in delivering efficient support via email 

With communication spread across inboxes and a variety of subject lines from multiple sources, customers can struggle to find the most relevant or the most up-to-date emails. Long email threads, waiting for multiple days to receive a response without knowing the status of the inquiry and multiple ticket numbers can make email support requests a headache. 

This, in turn, causes frustration in the support journey, as well as reduced efficiency. Ultimately it hurts a company’s efforts to both improve and personalise the support journey. 

Puzzel Customer Hub driving the support experience via the email channel 

Ensuring a seamless experience is tricky – and that’s where Puzzel Customer Hub comes in. A feature of Puzzel Contact Centre, Customer Hub builds on Case Management’s powerful capabilities, enabling companies to improve the support experience for customers contacting them through email. 

A dedicated space for customers to track and action support interactions 

Puzzel Customer Hub offers a dedicated space where customers can own their support journey. In this space, users can create, edit, respond to or simply review all support communication with your company.  

A clear destination where customers can get updates quickly and easily, without the need to keep yet another set of credentials in mind – it’s accessible in a matter of seconds with a link sent through to your customers’ inbox.  

Here, users can create, edit or simply review support requests – both past and ongoing. A one-stop destination to receive and share information.

Infusing the support experience with more ease – and more capabilities 

It is also possible to white-label the Customer Hub to fit your brand. Helping you infuse a larger part of the customer journey with your branding, the Customer Hub can feature your logo, branding and more.  

The user-friendly editor can be structured with forms, ensuring your agents always have the relevant information to expedite case resolution. An easy-to-navigate case overview means customers are always in control of their inquiries. The risk of lost support updates through troublesome spam filters or accidentally unread emails is minimised. 

There’s also a wealth of integrations available. It can be plugged into Jira, Teams, Salesforce or even ChatGPT – for automated responses that leverage AI! 

Putting customers in the driver’s seat of the support journey

According to research [2], only 31% of customers state that most companies treat them as unique individuals, while 62% prefer personalised products or services. The numbers indicate a much-needed shift from a generic approach to one that puts the customer at the heart of the CS strategy.   

Putting the customer in the driver’s seat, Customer Hub allows them to be in control of their support requests, adds ease to email support and personalises the experience. One more touchpoint that’s tailored to your customers.  

Book a custom demo and see Puzzel Case Management and Customer Hub in action!



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