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Products in focus: Performance Management.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Marketing Executive
performance management

Performance analysis is part and parcel of a contact centre’s continuous evolution. The ability to highlight areas of improvement for agents, identify patterns and connect the dots between customer feedback and agents’ delivery is pivotal to improving a contact centre’s support strategy.  

But finding ways to collect insight and get a clear view of your team’s performance requires both ample time, as well as the correct tools.  

Agent performance takes time and effort to analyse 

To effectively analyse data and reach actionable insights, it first needs to be all in one place. Consolidating data from different sources is an arduous and time-consuming process, but key to unlocking the bigger picture.  

When all the data is finally under one roof, it’s time to analyse. Traditional dashboards, although handy in reviewing easy-to-follow visualisations, have their limitations. Metrics can be understood – but what about when you need to link them back to specific targets?  

Lastly, as much insight as you might think you have on your team’s performance, it’s always good to question how granular it gets.  

For example, can you connect the dots between a customer’s feedback and an agent’s support interaction? Do you have a magnifying glass to leverage when general trends and patterns don’t give you the understanding you need to go a step further? 

Monitoring your team’s performance in one place 

Effectively measuring your team’s performance is made simpler and faster with Puzzel Performance Management.  

All metrics across your contact centre are gathered in one place. Leveraging Puzzel Performance Management’s standardised framework, you can successfully track and manage metrics conveniently in one platform.  

Keep your sights on the goals 

It takes just four easy steps to create targeted KPIs. Set these on your channels and business queues and monitor your performance in real time based on the metrics of your choice and relevant thresholds.  

Your team’s goals go hand in hand with their performance metrics, so you never lose sight of the finish line. Traffic light colour coding allows you to easily monitor those underperforming and identify key actions to boost results. Make light work of monitoring performance by spotting trends in key metrics, from Average Handle Time to Queue abandonment rate and more.  

Team and agent performance can be managed with more ease. You can also look at trends throughout different time periods to interrogate how long-term strategies or initiatives work.  

Leverage a magnifying glass to zoom in on individual performance  

When you need to zoom in and take a closer look at a customer’s interaction with your contact centre, you benefit from the ease of looking at where your agents need to improve.  

Puzzel Performance Management is linked to Puzzel Customer Insight, so you can collect feedback from your customers at contact centre interactions of your choice and link it back to your agent’s performance.  

More visibility into individual performance better equips you to drive your support strategy. 

Save time and effort – while increasing efficiency 

Monitor your progress and keep your team on track to success with easy-to-use tools that support you in your continuous improvement plan.  

Leverage Puzzel Performance Management’s convenient dashboard and capabilities to get a 360 view of your team through long-term trend mapping or granular observation of interaction between your team and your agents – saving 50% of the time needed to effectively measure your team’s performance. 

To find out more about Puzzel Performance Management, request a demo today!

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