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Introducing Customer Insight.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Marketing Executive
Puzzel customer insight

The foundation of every strategy is a solid understanding of the customer. In customer support strategies, this is perhaps the most important ingredient. But with 56% of customers stating that companies treat them as a number and 73% of customers expecting companies to understand their unique needs and expectations, it seems that customer feedback should be top of mind for contact centre leaders [1].  

Time consuming, manual processes make customer insight a struggle 

What are the challenges, though, in gathering, analysing and acting on customer insight? 

Getting to know your customers better demands a lot of time. Learning a new platform to create surveys on and finding the best survey type for each interaction can be cumbersome. A one-size fits all survey type won’t suffice, so a convenient survey builder becomes a much-needed tool. 

Collecting results across channels and analysing them means time spent in various systems, with lots of manual work involved in the process. Linking the outcomes to your contact centre’s performance is yet another step in a long list.  

Get to know your customers, faster 

Customer Insight is a new feature within the admin portal of Puzzel Contact Centre, which enables users to save time and automate manual tasks – linking them with the insights they need quickly and easily.   

Create well-known survey types within minutes with the Survey Designer. You can easily customise existing templates of well-known survey types, like CSAT or NPS. It’s also possible to create your own survey with multiple question and response formats available to you.  

Powerful capabilities, supporting you to support customers 

The conditional logic capability enables you to structure the best flow for your survey. You can also translate the questions across languages for a localised experience.  

Once the survey has been created, you can send it via multiple channels from the same space! Decide the best time to survey your customers and place the triggers for your surveys. Then wait for the responses to come in… 

Insights with impact 

Customer Insight makes data collection and analysis a process that’s equal parts smooth and fast. Find data from various channels in one space – there’s no need to go into different systems and manually export them.  

The handy visualisations and analytics tools help users find valuable information without the need for complex third-party tools or specialised skills. Gain back time spent collecting data from different places and making sense of it with an easy-to-use tool that does more of the heavy lifting for you.  

This handy feature also allows you to dig a bit deeper into your customer’s mindsets and understand the trends and patterns in their behaviour. It offers actionable insights that you can leverage to improve your service through feedback trends, identifying outliers and spotting data points that are outside of a set threshold of parameters.  

Customer Insight also features a link to Performance Management. This makes it possible to link the results of customers’ feedback to agent performance where and when applicable. The connection means you have more context to identify and prioritise areas of improvement. 

With more context, there’s more you can do to reach your targets and create a support strategy that truly helps your customers.  

Puzzel Customer Insight and its powerful integration to the Contact Centre offer contact centre leaders a way to source customer feedback and link it to their support strategy.  

To understand how to save time while generating troves of valuable insights on your customers, book a demo with our team.


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