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Products in focus: Sales Intelligence bridging the gap between support and sales.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Content Marketing Specialist

Customer support and sales often work in siloes. The disconnect between customer communications coming from different teams can impact customer experience. Sales Intelligence bridges the gap between customer service and sales teams with one integrated platform that engages both your teams and your customers.   

The gap

80% of customers say that they expect consistent interactions across departments,1. But their experience is quite different. 

In fact, 60% of customers stated that when they talk to customer service and sales, they feel like they talk to different companies. In many organisations, there is a communication gap between the two teams. This impacts the customer experience, hindering sales efforts.  

The experience offered to customers is directly related to agent engagement and their ability to listen to customers’ needs. Sales Intelligence, together with Puzzel Contact Centre, enables you to bridge the gap between support and sales while simplifying your agents’ life for more time – and capacity – to focus on the conversations that really matter.  

More conversations made better 

Manual, repetitive and uninteresting tasks are handled by Sales Intelligence’s digital solution. Valuable time is rerouted to human conversations. 

Sales Intelligence reduces the number of manual tasks that sales agents have to perform, so they have more time to spend on the phone with customers. The smart dialler allows you to have customers ready on the phone when agents become available.  

A series of criteria is used so the dialler can determine when agents will be available, such as the number of agents, average handling time and answer rates. A local area code is displayed for the receiver, improving the chances that the customer answers the call. 

Designed for hybrid teams 

For hybrid teams, with operators split between the office and field work, coordinating multiple tools and scheduling appointments are challenging. Different locations, taking into consideration travel time and ensuring everyone has the same information, lead to complex workflows. 

Sales Intelligence offers a solution designed to address these challenges. 

Sales Intelligence allows agents in the office to book customer appointments for their colleagues – within seconds. The geolocation-based booking system suggests available time slots based on the distance from other appointments on the same day, helping agents optimise schedules and streamline bookings. The calendar integration can book off time in team members’ calendars, minimising the risk of double bookings and saving time in appointment confirmations.  

Digital tools that simplify workflows and facilitate collaboration have the capacity to massively improve your teams’ day-to-day – so that they have time and energy to make the customer feel special.  

Insights with impact 

Multiple systems not only create IT redundancy but also impact reporting processes. Provide your teams with the kind of visibility they need to boost sales with one platform.  

Sales Intelligence’s customisable dashboards offer real-time insights from over 80 KPIs. One unified stream of insights, including individual and team performance indicators, allows both agents and managers to keep track of their progress in real-time. Managers can pick and choose the visualisations that work for them to ensure they are always monitoring the most impactful metrics. 

A smart eco-system of third-party systems supports your teams in those crucial moments when they need to keep up the momentum. Thanks to the integration with e-signatures and digital payments, agents can easily send a message to the customer with a link to the contract to sign or to the payment portal. From sales outreach to closing the deal all in one seamless flow. 

Sales Intelligence driving a connected experience 

Sales Intelligence, together with the Puzzel Contact Centre, creates that connection between your support and sales teams so that they tell the customers the same story.   

The bottom line… 

If insurance saw a sales increase of 13% in the first year, while Avanza noted a 100% uplift in the number of sales meetings booked on the first day of using Sales Intelligence. 

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