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How to grow revenue and get rapid ROI with Digital Engagement.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Marketing Executive

Fact: you can use Puzzel Digital Engagement on your website to increase your average order value by 30% and get 35% better conversion. But how do you actually achieve those results? In this article, we’ll explain the fastest and simplest way for online retailers to grow revenue and get a return on their investment in Digital Engagement.

One of the many benefits of interacting with your online customers through Digital Engagement is being able to distinguish the visitors from the buyers. That way, visitors that need customer support can be directed to service agents or Smart Chatbots while visitors on a buying journey are assigned to sales staff. We could go on about the huge cost savings contact centres can see with Digital Engagement but, for now, we’ll focus on how to increase revenue by fine tuning the customer journey.

How does Digital Engagement work?

The first thing we should explain is that Digital Engagement isn’t a channel, nor is it a chat or chatbot. Digital Engagement is a solution for monitoring the customers on your website and managing their online journeys.

Depending on each customer’s behaviour and value, you can make use of the most efficient solution such as chat, phone call, Smart Chatbot – or simply offer a discount. The result is higher conversion, lower costs and a better customer experience.

Here’s an example:

Imagine three separate customers land on your website at the same time. Each of these customers can get a different type of assistance depending on the rules and triggers you set up in our engagement platform.

  • Customer 1: This high value customer has £500 in their shopping cart but runs into trouble or has doubts at checkout so they’ll be directed to chat with a live agent.
  • Customer 2: Because this customer has a smaller cart, they’ll be offered an automated Smart Chatbot or a discount to complete their purchase.
  • Customer 3: The third customer is doing just fine by themselves so we leave them alone without disturbing the “happy flow” of this customer journey.

As you can see from this example, Digital Engagement is all about fine tuning the customer journey. If you run a high-volume e-commerce business, you simply can’t afford to offer every customer the same level of service. Digital Engagement enables your sales staff to prioritise the most valuable customers while offering automated solutions to look after the rest.

How do I increase my conversion rate by 35%?

The easiest way to increase your conversion rate is to get your cart abandon rate under control. As many as three out of four carts are abandoned but very few online retailers are taking the necessary action to turn this around. You can read more about how brands miss out on major sales by ignoring their customers online here.

Many of our customers are enjoying five times fewer cart abandons and a 35% better conversion rate with these two simple triggers:

  • Trigger 1: If a customer leaves the checkout process or is inactive for more than 30 seconds, then…
    A modal popup is displayed offering a live chat to customers with a high cart value, while those with a lower value are offered a discount or Smart Chatbot.
  • Trigger 2: If a customer appears to be managing the checkout process themselves, then…
    Do not disturb! We don’t display any distracting messages and let the customer complete their purchase without interfering.

That’s it! Two simple triggers that will boost your conversion rate by 35% and ensure five times fewer cart abandons.

How do I increase my average order value by 30%?

Let’s be clear. Our customers aren’t increasing order value by engaging every single customer with a live agent or Smart Chatbot, constantly trying to cross-sell or handing out discounts.

Of course, you can offer personal shoppers through Digital Engagement, but this can often incur a bigger contact cost than actual earning. Unless you’re selling expensive products like houses or loans, your sales staff’s time is much better spent supporting high value customers at checkout, making sure they don’t drop out of the journey.

So how do you increase your average order value? Simply offer proactive assistance at the right moment! That will keep customers on your website for longer, buying more of your products.

Conversion effect A/B testing over a 6 month period. Visitors that ran into trouble or had doubts at checkout were either ignored or offered proactive support. Conversion rates increased by 21% when visitors got the help they needed – at the right moment – through advanced chat.

When you monitor every visitor on your website, you can see when problems come up in real-time and instantly reach out with proactive assistance or a discount.

Where should I start?

Puzzel delivers one the market’s most advanced solutions for high performing e-commerce retailers. Get in touch today and we’ll help you grow your revenue with Digital Engagement.

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