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Why your contact centre is more important than ever.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Content Marketing Specialist
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Contact centres have demonstrated tremendous versatility during the coronavirus pandemic.

When shops and offices were forced to close, they became the frontline face of their brands and a vital channel for inbound and outbound communications with customers.

Now as the economy recovers, companies are waking up to the potential role their contact centre can play in not only serving customers but also communicating and exemplifying their brand, mission and values [1, 2].

Contact centres becoming more strategic

According to our Evolution of the Contact Centre research with the Call Centre Management Association (CCMA), this critical shift began when companies first transitioned to homeworking and contact centre operations became more visible to leadership teams. “All of a sudden advisors had access to senior people and this opened up the eyes of the exec team,” Justin Haines, the COO at Paymentsense, said.

The research also reveals a growing interest in the data that can be produced in contact centres [1, 2]. Boardrooms are particularly interested in the data and insights that can be gleaned from customer interactions and the value they could bring to business operations [2]. This has elevated the contact centre from its historical role as a downstream channel for customer service to a strategic group and helped forge new ties with other customer-facing functions including marketing, product and R+D teams [2].

The tools and technology you need to succeed

As your contact centre becomes more strategic and connected to other business functions, it’s essential to have the right tools and technology in place. Companies must invest in a CCaaS solution that not only supports agents, but can also produce detailed data and analytics and handle today’s fast, omnichannel demands.

Scalable to companies of all sizes, Puzzel’s cloud-based CCaaS software provides contact centres with all the tools they need to deliver effortless agent experiences and exceptional customer service. Our omnichannel Agent Application enables agents to connect with customers anytime, anywhere, on any channel and on any device. Our powerful Administration Portal also enables managers to track and analyse key metrics such as response times, contact volumes and customer satisfaction.

As your contact centre grows, our solution can also be expanded with dozens of add-ons to help you introduce new channels, capture more data, automate repetitive tasks and better manage resources. This flexibility will be vital as contact centres take on more responsibility and continue to evolve after the pandemic.

Could your contact centre be more strategic?

To learn more about the growing importance of contact centres in the wake of COVID-19, download Part 1 | Evolution of the Contact Centre here. To discover how we can help your contact centre reach its full potential, book your personal demo.



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