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Boost customer satisfaction with full ticket transparency.

Make it simple for your customers to stay updated on their requests by giving them a single, easy-to-navigate platform to manage their tickets, receive timely updates, and engage with your company effortlessly.

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Trusted by Europe's customer experience leaders.

Give customers full visibility of their requests.

Let customers manage their service requests with ease. Customer Hub is a one-stop portal where customers can view, create, and update their tickets anytime, enhancing their self-service capabilities and ensuring a smoother, more efficient support process. And, with real-time updates, they always know the status of their requests. This not only boosts customer experience but also lightens the workload for your team, ensuring a smoother support process for everyone involved.

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Keep your customers in the know.

Say goodbye to customer frustration caused by uncertainty about the status of their requests. Give them full visibility over their support requests with an intuitive platform that lets them view ticket updates, create and post updates to tickets. And with real-time updates, they always know the status of their queries. 


Simplified self-service for better customer experience.

Customers no longer need to call your company or look through long email threads to check the status of their support requests. Empower them with a single space to view and update their requests, boosting their self-service capabilities and improving their overall experience.

Features of Customer Hub.

Customisable platform
White-label customer-facing portal for company branding.
ticketing management
Ticket creation
Easy ticket creation and response with attachments and a robust editor.
skill-based routing
Cases overview
View all cases associated with a single customer.
Reporting ticketing
Easy customer login
No separate login required; customers can sign in via email link.
make real-time adjustments
Ticket updates
Seamless ticket updates from Case Management to Customer Hub, ensuring customers receive real-time notifications.
Empower your contact centre with the Puzzel CX Platform.

Customer Hub is an add-on to Puzzel Case Management, which is integrated into the Puzzel CX Platform.The Puzzel CX Platform combines Contact Centre as a Service with Self-Service Automation capabilities. This helps you consolidate all your contact centre technologies in a single platform, so you can focus on what matters most – providing delightful customer experiences, regardless of channel 

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