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Unlocking the power of Sales Intelligence.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Content Marketing Specialist
sales intelligence

Sales teams involved in sales outreach must face a host of challenges to reach their targets and offer a great experience for customers. These challenges often mean they have to sacrifice valuable time in phone conversations due to uninteresting manual tasks and disconnected tools. Lack of automation and IT redundancy can hurt their efforts and create obstacles along the way.

Puzzel Sales Intelligence focuses on automation with impact, freeing up time to invest in customer conversations and increasing efficiency in day-to-day tasks.   

Sales teams face key challenges 

Sales agents are likely to deal with a host of repetitive and manual tasks. These include valuable time wasted waiting for customers to pick up the phone or lack of automation to support them when a customer doesn’t complete a purchase.  

Admin tasks mean manually looking at different calendars, confirming details between team members and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks, leading to either a lost deal or a dissatisfied customer. All this is cumbersome, but when carried out with potentially low lead quality and limited customer insights, the outcome can hurt the sales teams’ efforts significantly. It is also likely to result in less time spent on the phone with customers, working on deals. 

More efficiency for agents and customers  

Sales Intelligence aims at improving sales process efficiency while increasing conversion rates. The core functionality is the intelligent dialler, which is available in four modes to adapt to the sales team’s needs: power, progressive, predictive and smart. Automatically connecting agents to customers on the phone means less time spent waiting for customers to pick up.  

Taking the functionality a step beyond automatic dialling, it makes it easier for agents to book customer appointments across the team, automatically blocking off time slots in other calendars. This is especially handy for hybrid or field-based teams in need of fewer back and forths in the scheduling process. Reduced time spent confirming appointments internally means a better experience for both sales teams, as well as customers. 

Puzzel Sales Intelligence offers a host of features that make reaching customers easier while increasing the likelihood of responses. Scheduling text messages based on specific outcomes means that customers can be made aware of a first call attempt’s information, and the next time a call comes through, they know why and from who.  

Combined with the ability to choose the display number, the customer has more information when deciding whether to pick up the call. In addition, the “first call time” function prioritises the customer at a specific time. Powerful capabilities in the service of increasing the likelihood for the customer to pick up the phone! 

Real-time insight for teams and managers

Sales teams also benefit from more insights. They can access customer information from previous interactions alongside CRM data. It’s also possible to send out customer surveys and collect results from the same space. Sales outreach becomes more effective with context on the customer accessible quickly and easily.  

This benefit also extends to team management. Real-time data allows managers to make the right decision – at the right time. With fine-tined reporting tools, managers have an in-depth understanding of how their team performs.  

Explore how Puzzel Sales Intelligence can support your sales team by booking a demo with the Puzzel team!

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