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A data-led strategy powered by Puzzel Customer Insight.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Marketing Executive

Building a data-driven customer experience means following your customers during their journey and analysing the insightful traces they leave behind – to understand what you can do better or differently.  

Valuable insights on your customers are key to improving contact centre performance and customer satisfaction. But it can also prove a challenging ask for contact centre leaders.  

Puzzel Customer Insight supports efforts to build a better CX by allowing you to easily gather, access and assess feedback data on your customers’ interactions with your contact centre.  

What are the challenges? 

Feedback data is a key part of a data-centric and customer-focused approach to CX. This insight helps you put the customer’s experience front and centre in your support strategy. 

But feedback data doesn’t come without challenges. As customers are present across a variety of channels, getting a 360 view of their feedback means engaging with multiple platforms. Then, tailoring the survey process to each channel and interaction.  

As if this manual process wasn’t enough, the resulting data sources are scattered in different platforms, creating a cumbersome and complex process to unify them and analyse data. 

Feedback data that makes a difference

Puzzel Customer Insight supports a data-driven contact centre strategy through easy and fast feedback data collection and analysis. A one-stop feature sitting in the Admin Portal, Customer Insight offers an easy-to-use Survey Designer with handy templates and brilliant reporting capabilities.  

The solution to an otherwise long-winded and fragmented data collection and analysis process, Customer Insight, helps users create popular surveys quickly and allows them to customise them as much as they need. Or create a custom one from scratch!  

Bring to life an NPS or CSAT survey in a matter of minutes using handy templates. Or structure a thorough survey with conditional logic for a more in-depth look at what your customers think of your services. You can also translate the survey into as many languages as you need for a localised experience.  

Once you know you’ve asked the questions you need to, decide when and where customers should address them – from a variety of channels! 

And then what?

Contact centre leaders can then benefit from actionable insights, as responses from multiple channels are available in one place! They can then be filtered through visualisations and reporting tools right there in the Admin Portal! The voice of the customer unearths a wealth of information that is conveniently organised for the benefit of a contact centre manager and can be filtered in various ways. It’s possible to see feedback trends visualised and easily identify outliers and spot data points that are outside of a set threshold of parameters. 

No more manual downloads, data aggregation or looking for the most user-friendly tool to process data. Valuable time is saved with powerful automation at key intervals in the data collection process – so that you can focus on what really matters: building an outstanding CX. 

To find how to build a data-driven CX that draws on real-time customer insight, book a demo with the Puzzel team now!

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