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Behind the scenes at MJ’S: how the luxury hotel prioritises customer experiences.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Marketing Executive
MS's hotel customer service

The entire ESS Hotel Group has been using Puzzel Voice and Email solutions since the end of 2021. The tools play an important role in everyday life for the ESS Hotel Group so that each hotel can provide its customers with memorable experiences. We had the honour of visiting MJ’S, the colourful and fabulous city hotel in Malmö, Sweden. We chatted with Gabriella Carlsson, Service and Room Division Manager at MJ’S, who is responsible for reception, conference and housekeeping. We discussed, among other things, how to create loyal customers and exceed the customer’s expectations. 

Five questions about the guest experience at MJ’S

Q1: How do you meet customers’ high expectations?

“We have three different types of guests; a business traveller, a conference guest and a leisure traveller – each has different expectations. I believe it’s all about building the brand and reputation of oneself. You have to create an interest and curiosity. It makes guests want to come to us and makes us stand out. All ESS Group hotels have the same vision, but the hotels are still very niche. Here at MJ’S, we use many colours, and at Ystad Saltsjöbad, it’s a more American atmosphere, while Pigalle has that French 19th century feel.”

Q2: What’s the secret behind loyal customers?

“The key is, of course, a satisfied guest and that we have shown that we are the right hotel for the guest. But also that it is genuine for us as staff to want you here as a guest. It is not just about coming and checking in and checking out, the staff must be interested and curious. It is important that you, as a guest, feel like being at home.”

Q3: How do you work with Puzzel’s contact centre solution?

“The reception and the restaurant use Puzzel daily. They have their emails and telephones connected to Puzzel and receive booking requests. All email handling takes place on-site with us at MJ’S, and our central booking office in Gothenburg supports us with telephone enquiries. With Puzzel, we can also transfer information internally, for example, from the reception to the restaurant.
Using one and the same system throughout the ESS Group means that we get a scalable and replicable customer experience at all hotels. Then you can set standards and decide how we work. It also makes it much easier to follow the guest.”

Q4: How do you want to develop your customer service?

“Going forward, we will work much more with booking checks. The goal is to own the guest more and understand why they come to us or why they want to eat with us. We will look further ahead and find routines around capturing the customer even before the visit.”

Q5: What are you most proud of at MJ’s?

“We at ESS are constantly thinking about what we can do better. We are not satisfied with what works well. Before Puzzel, we had a working system, but we wanted to be even better. Then we thought that we had to find a system that has both email and phone in one. We’re constantly striving to be better, and I am proud of that. It also makes work great fun.”

About MJ’S and ESS Group

It all started in 2007 when Ystad Saltsjöbad opened its doors, and today ESS Group consists of 10 destinations and 15 restaurants around the Nordic region. MJ’S is one of the many exclusive hotel destinations belonging to the ESS Hotel Group. The hotel is located in the heart of Malmö, Sweden and consists of 83 rooms, a conference facility and two restaurants. The common denominator of all ESS Group destinations is the desire to give each customer an extraordinary experience and make them want to return.

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