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Products in focus: Puzzel Voicebot.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Marketing Executive
voicebot for customer service

Research shows that 66% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations. According to customers, 34% of companies generally treat them as unique individuals. This gap between expectations and the reality of customer service experiences offers a great opportunity for digital voice technology. Puzzel Voicebot can improve the experience for the customer by focusing on their needs at the start of the support interaction.  

The traditional experience

83% of customers expect to engage with someone immediately when contacting a company. This is a challenge for contact centres that need to link support interactions with the appropriate team, ensuring queries are picked up and resolved quickly.  

Traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems offer a routing process that can lead to confusion. Customers need to listen to multiple options – many of which will likely not be suited to their needs – and consequently decide the option that works for them. In the case that they do not come across the appropriate option, then they will be linked through to an agent that will then transfer them.  

This process inadvertently results in time lost and frustration for both agents and customers. The customer experience is impacted while agents are often called to deal with frustrated customers and uninteresting, repetitive tasks. Customers don’t receive the kind of experience they are expecting, leading to disconnect.  

Digital voice technology in action 

Puzzel Voicebot improves the experience for both agents and customers by routing the caller to the right agent without the need for complex IVR menu options. It enables the customer to verbally state their reason for calling and be routed to the most appropriate call queue – based on both keywords as well as sentiment. This puts the spotlight on the customer from the first moment. 

The Voicebot’s automatic speech recognition technology converts the customer’s voice to text, evaluating it to look for workflow triggers. This means it can either ask for clarification, provide answers to simple customer questions, or direct to the relevant agent. For the latter, the routing logic is set up by the organisation.  

Puzzel Voicebot has the capacity to interact in smart ways with customers. For example, it uses neural voice (a replication of the human voice) to dynamically generate answers based on its understanding of the question’s context. It is also equipped with semantic intelligence, making it easier to identify the type of information it receives – whether a name, place, number and so on. It is also possible to carry out security checks before escalating to a human interaction. 

Puzzel Voicebot can forward the context for the customer’s interaction to the agent. This means that the human interaction that follows is speedier, as the agent knows what the customer is looking for. Most importantly, it is tailored, as the customer’s sentiment is also picked up and communicated to the agent.  

Leveraging voice-based customer service to elevate the experience 

As expectations of customer service experiences shift focus to the customer’s unique needs, companies need to find tools that enable them to tailor experiences – while keeping contact centre efficiency as a priority.  

Puzzel Voicebot offers an alternative to traditional IVR menus that improves the customer experience massively by allowing the customer to focus on their pain points instead of spending time listening to long-winded menus of options. Their requests and sentiments are registered and forwarded to follow them throughout their support interactions for a seamless experience. 

Meanwhile, the contact centre can efficiently route interactions to the right point of contact for increased first-contact resolution. Agents don’t need to reroute customers or spend time on repetitive security checks. Instead, they pick up the conversation with the kind of contextual information that empowers them to provide an outstanding support experience.  

Discover how Puzzel Voicebot can enhance and optimise your voice-based customer service offering – book a demo now. 

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