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Puzzel blows wind into the sails of DFDS’ customer handling.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Content Marketing Specialist

DFDS is a Danish international shipping and ferry company.

It employs 10,000 people and operates in more than 20 countries, mainly in Europe. With more than five million passengers annually, the company is one of the major maritime travel providers. Every day, DFDS customer centres handle around 1,000 customer enquiries.

Setting course for a better customer journey

Until the autumn of 2020, DFDS used an on-premise customer management system, which in many ways complicated the work of the customer agents. The system was cumbersome and required numerous manual operations to serve even very basic customer requests. At the same time, the system was being phased out and it became a necessity for DFDS to change providers.

“We had to cut and paste a lot in the data to get something we could react to, and go through a lot of different presentation tools to serve customers in the best possible way,” says Thomas Møller, Head of Customer Care Nordics at DFDS. The need for a more up-to-date, efficient and intuitive customer management system was urgent.

In addition, Thomas saw an opportunity to combine the various customer centre hubs at DFDS in Europe under one unified cloud-based system. The choice of Puzzel’s Contact Centre solution came naturally after a thorough tendering process.

A system that does it all from day one

DFDS has implemented Puzzel’s Customer Service Platform globally, without the need for any additional integrations. For the customer agents, the new system has made their work easier and more manageable, because all data can be viewed in real-time on the same screen. And the volume of data is of great importance for customer management, explains Thomas:

“We wanted to be much better than before at using the huge amount of data that goes through every customer service set-up in relation to the many conversations with our customers, and at the same time, have them categorised in a different way. We have achieved this with Puzzel.”

“With Puzzel, DFDS can manage the system itself without having to go through mazes of service units to change even basic things. The freedom and autonomy of the system is a huge benefit,” Thomas adds.

‘Saves us important time’

Although Puzzel’s cloud-based contact centre solution was implemented at DFDS during the Covid-19 pandemic, when almost nothing in the travel and transport industry was as it used to be, DFDS believes the system has provided its employees with a simpler and more efficient working environment. It also gives customers a significantly better experience when they contact the company.

“It makes for a better customer experience when our agents are prepared for what the call concerns. We are now significantly faster at tracking customer enquiries to begin with, because we have the opportunity to obtain input from the customer before they get through to us. This saves us important time,” Thomas says.

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