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Simply Business Case Study

Simply Business transforms its agent experience and increases adherence from 50 to 80% in just a few weeks with Puzzel’s cloud WFM solution.


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The requirement

Simply Business is one of the UK’s biggest business insurance providers, specialising in public liability insurance for SMEs. They serve more than 600,000 small businesses and landlords across Britain with just over 200 agents based in Northampton. 

Prior to using Puzzel, Simply Business had no insight into their consultants’ workloads and wanted to be able to better target and manage their time. They estimated their adherence was around 50% and immediately knew they would benefit from a WFM solution. 

The solution

After running a thorough market assessment, Simply Business selected WFM because it provided them with a multi-skill, multi-media scheduling system that was easy to use and fast to set up. Being first-time WFM users, they appreciated Puzzel’s intuitive design and found the drag-and-drop forecasting tools particularly useful.   

They began to see results within just two weeks, noticing efficiencies where they were under or overstaffed at certain times of the day. With this data, they were able to proactively amend shifts and conduct rotor reviews which resulted in more engaged agents and happier customers. 

The results

Simply Business has now gained greater insight into their agents’ workload and performance. They can see what every consultant is doing in real-time and have identified where shifts can be can altered to improve service levels and cut costs. In just a few weeks, adherence improved from 50 to 80%. 

Simply Business has also been able to improve its agent experience by designing more effective schedules and identifying the best times of day to engage with staff and hold team-building exercises. 

Here’s what Simply Business had to say

Simply Business logo

“We saw the value of WFM immediately because of how agile and simple the product is. It made deployment much quicker than anticipated.”

Joshua Kirkbride, Resource Planner at Simply Business