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Why every organisation needs a complete omnichannel contact centre solution.

Jeanine Desirée Lund
Marketing Executive

Organisations now, more than ever, need to keep up with societies’ fast-paced approach to living. Customers demand instant attention, no longer willing to wait in an hour-long phone queue. Why should they? Especially when surrounded by alternatives such as SMS, email, social media and web chat. Adapting to this multi-channel environment is a necessity, not a nice to have; relying on voice or email alone is no longer tenable.

Customers expect to be able to initiate contact through the channel that they choose. They also expect to be able to start in one channel and seamlessly move between others. For example, a customer interaction beginning with a web chat, that leads to a phone call that results in an email. Orchestrating these interactions is essential to ensure the most positive customer experience. Many organisations believe the cost to do this properly is prohibitive, and are surprised to learn that this is not the case with technology such as Puzzel’s omnichannel cloud-based Contact Centre Solution.

All the channels have a role. Understanding more about each and what it has to offer is essential.

Voice – The original Channel, where it all started

Previously the phone was the main channel for contact however, with technology progressing, there is now a lot of competition. We’ve all encountered the mind-numbing experience of talking to an Automated Voice Response (AVR) system, only to be thrown into an intricate memory game of, Press one for… Press two for, etc. However, talking is a powerful means of providing customers attention, that it remains crucial. An omnichannel Call Center Solution can triage and direct a query to the right agent removing customer frustrations with more traditional and less intelligent AVR systems.

The pros:

  1. It is easier to demonstrate empathy
  2. Customers like talking to an actual person
  3. Customers are familiar with the channel

Email – The dependable Workhorse

Email remains the primary means of digital communication. Customers like its flexibility and if they want to email with an enquiry at midnight, why shouldn’t they be able to? They also expect their complaints to be dealt with instantly, not in 2-3 working days. Implementing a well-organised and efficient email system will ensure customer expectations on timeliness and responsiveness can be met.

The pros:

  1. No limitations of when or where to send an email
  2. Conversation history kept for future reference
  3. Customers are familiar with the channel

Web chat – Augmenting with Machines

Web chat is a relatively new-comer. Done well, it provides customers with immediacy. Relying on only a stable internet connection and well-trained customer agents. Chat has also enabled the introduction of AI-driven responses through bots, which can take the load off agents through triaging issues and responding to questions.

The pros: 

  1. Instant replies
  2. Assisting multiple customers simultaneously
  3. AI-driven support

SMS – The modern-day Pigeon

Customer service is most successful when the customer believes the organisation and agent truly cares. Poorly done, text messages can come across as abrupt and emotionless. But customers like its familiarity, and it is not as daunting or threatening for the less tech-savvy.

The pros: 

  1. Customers are familiar with the channel
  2. More comfortable for the less tech-savvy
  3. SMS can be integrated with other channels

Social Media – Out with the old in with the new

Social Media is the new kid on the block. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tik Tok (amongst others) have taken over people’s lives. It is now the norm to announce everything you are doing, at any given moment through your social media accounts. Millennials and the Gens are more likely to take to social media platforms to display their complaints publicly. Many businesses do not know how to respond appropriately and are only now taking first tentative steps through managing and responding to direct messages (DM’s). This should be a priority for organisations. Getting this right is the first step towards a more proactive strategy driven by social sentiment.

The pros: 

  1. It provides companies with a broader insight into what platform/ media channels has the most complaints and therefore which one to inject more energy into
  2. Businesses can show their customers how proactive they are
  3. Social Media is accessible to the majority of customers

It is no longer viable to rely on only one channel for customer service. So if you are providing only voice, now is the time to consider adding more such as email or chat. As outlined above, ensuring integration is crucial. The good news is that most Call Centres as a Service vendors can integrate additional channels quickly and easily into existing infrastructure, so new channels can be up and running in no time at all.

To find out more about Puzzel’s omnichannel contact centre solution, book your free demo today!

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