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Why visual support is the future of customer service

Visual support is the next big frontier in customer service. 

Having demonstrated tremendous value during the pandemic, organisations are now eagerly embedding visual assistance channels, such as video and screen sharing, into their service strategies permanently. In fact, global research firm Frost & Sullivan expects to see 90% growth in new digital channels, including video, this year. 

But where in the customer journey do these channels fit best? What are some stand-out use cases? And what additional benefits can they bring to contact centres, aside from enabling agents to see and resolve issues remotely? 

In this webinar, join us as we discuss everything you need to know about delivering visual customer support with Alexander Michael from Frost & Sullivan. You’ll hear the latest insights from Europe, including why 33% of European companies say they’ll be prioritising customer trust in 2022, as well as our tips for successfully implementing video in your contact centre. 


  • Growth of new digital and visual channels in 2021
  • Key benefits of remote visual support for customers
  • Insights and statistics from Frost & Sullivan’s latest research into CX in Europe
  • How to implement video in the contact centre
  • Demo of Puzzel Live Share

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