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Intelligent AI and Automation for today’s digital contact centre

Within the contact centre, AI involves technologies such as machine learning, speech-to-text, sentiment analysis, analytics, chatbots and interaction routing. These are all closely integrated, working together to provide outcomes similar (or even superior) to those achievable by human agents.

In this webinar, we’ll take a closer look at the role of technology in contact centres today, shining a light on some of the incredible tools that are harnessing the power of AI. To help you kickstart your AI journey, we’ll share expert insights into adopting AI in your contact centre to eliminate routine, repetitive tasks and speed up resolution.


  • History of AI
  • New horizons: Today’s AI use cases
  • Examples of AI in the contact centre
  • Customer case study
  • Implementing AI and automation into your contact centre

Bemærk: Dette webinar afholdes på engelsk.

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Alex Lunde

Director of Web Experiences at Puzzel

Matt Hughes

Director of User Experience at Puzzel

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