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Optagelsen fra dette webinar ligger klar til dig, blot udfyld felterne.

Digital voice technology: the key to unlocking success

Voice used to be king. Now it owns the kingdom. Rewind to the 70s, new voice technology meant that large businesses adopted call centres to help with outbound sales. Followed by the creation of a toll-free ‘800’ number, call centres were able to manage inbound calls from customers and resolve customer enquiries. 

Fast forward to today, an astonishing 68% [1] of consumers say phone remains their preferred channel for dealing with customer enquiries. But the fact remains that it’s the most expensive form of customer service. So, what can you do to enhance and optimise your voice-based customer service offering? 

In this webinar, we’ll look at the history of voice, the evolution of voice in recent years and future technological predictions. We’ll dig deeper into automating voice as a channel while providing a humanised experience.


You’ll learn:

  • About the evolution of voice customer service
  • How you can leverage digital voice technology to create an empathic automated experience
  • What the future predictions are for digital voice technology
  • What tools are best for voice-based analytics and surveys
  • Q&A


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