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Discover the latest apps and integrations to maximise productivity & customer satisfaction

Our cloud contact centre solutions integrate with a wide variety of apps and devices to help you meet the dynamic needs of your customers, agents and organisation.

From CRMs to workforce management, chatbots and secure payment systems, these third-party tools can be seamlessly integrated at any time to expand the capabilities of your contact centre and support your organisation as it grows.

Want to learn more? Join us at our virtual Marketplace Open Day this September to meet our industry-leading partners and hear how their solutions can benefit you. Don’t miss this valuable opportunity to ask questions, discover new tools and take advantage of exclusive offers for attendees.

This virtual event is in English.

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10.00 – 10.15

Introduction to the Marketplace

In this session, Puzzel’s Partner Channel Director, Robert Wiles will go explain how your contact centre can take advantage of our out-of-the-box integrations and upgrades available on the Puzzel Marketplace to enhance your customer service system, allowing your Puzzel customer service solution to grow with your business.

Robert Wiles

Partner Channel Director, Puzzel

10.15 – 10.45

Puzzel CRM Integrations

The CRM industry has seen staggering growth in recent years. Research shows that last year that overall CRM usage increased from 56% to 74%. Broken down this statistic showed that 91% of businesses with over 11 employees now use CRM.* With this growth, there is no need to run separate contact centre and CRM solutions. In this session, Puzzel’s Product Owner, Farhad Fatemi will explain how using a specially designed widget, Puzzel can bring an organisation’s complete CRM environment directly into the Puzzel Agent Application.

Farhad Fatemi

Product Owner, Puzzel

10.45 – 11.05


Boost.ai has built the world’s most user-friendly conversational AI platform to let customer service teams automate customer service and has deployed more virtual agents than any other company in the world. Boost.ai work with over 200 companies, including more than 100 public organisations and numerous financial institutions such as banks and insurance firms in Europe and North America.

Boost.ai make it easy to build, launch and maintain a virtual agent. Drive down support costs and engage customers 24/7 with our user-friendly conversational AI platform that makes it possible to deliver quality customer experiences, at scale and without any limitations.

Clay Cardozo, Head of Technology Partnerships

Frank Burnett Alleyne, Sales Manager

11.05 – 11.25


SalesScreen is a sales motivation tool that empowers sales teams to unleash their full potential and improve all-round business performance. With gamification at its core, SalesScreen makes sales fun, engaging, exciting and rewarding. It simplifies employee recognition, increases transparency and helps organisations to build a culture of appreciation.

Harry Hindess, Commercial Account Director

Thomas Testard, Enterprise Account Director

11.25 – 11.45


Contact centres that take payments over the phone face major operational and technical challenges when handling sensitive cardholder data. PCI Pal’s Agent Assist solution allows contact centres to take card payments securely, using DTMF (telephone keypad) capture technology while the agent and customer are in conversation.

When a payment is required, the agent simply opens the PCI Pal desktop application and asks the customer to enter their card details using the telephone keypad. Asterisks are displayed to the agent with a counter showing the number of digits entered.

The PCI Pal platform captures the keypad tones and masks them as a monotone beep, preventing them from reaching the contact centre. The customer’s voice is allowed should they need to communicate directly with the agent.

Phil Jude, UK Channel Manager

11.45 – 11.55


11.55 – 12.25


Your Contact Centre agents have hundreds of conversations every day, but every conversation your agent has could put your business at risk. Bad service leads to customer churn. Poor knowledge leads to misselling. And a failure to keep a log of remedial actions such as feedback and coach means you struggle to demonstrate rigour and the fair treatment of customers when the regulator comes knocking.

Combining over 70 years of leading global Quality Assurance teams, Evaluagent have built the smartest Quality Assurance and Compliance platform for mid-market contact centres across Europe.

Replacing spreadsheets or outdated software, EvaluAgent is perfect for organisations with between 25 – 500 agents who need configurable workflows and enterprise-grade features without the need for expensive consultants or 6-month implementations.

Matthew Jones

Head of Go-To-Market and New Channels

12.25 – 12.35

Puzzel Agent engagement

Join us for top tips on maintaining a strong company culture, keeping teams aligned, and supporting agents’ wellbeing. We’ll also demonstrate how tools such as Workforce Management can help you manage resources moving forward.

Emma Skygebjerg

Director of WFM at Puzzel

12.35 – 12.55

Koopid Inc.

Koopid’s AI-powered Customer Experience Orchestration platform delivers an optimised customer journey blending powerful automation capabilities, backed up with a modern, live customer service application. Omnichannel virtual assistant and collaborative live assist technology enable businesses to engage customers via their favourite channels and deliver seamless experiences with highly capable automated self-service, all with the assurance that human assistance is just a click away. With Koopid, your customers can experience smart, digital-first self-service journeys, starting on the web, mobile app, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or SMS – with live agents joining these conversations when needed.

Dan Nordale, CRO, Koopid

12:55 – 13.15

Indicate Me

Indicate me provides a 360-degree view of customer service performance through a user-friendly dashboard. With our all-in-one solution, you can improve operational results and increase customer service quality. Indicate me drive higher performance with a total overview of your contact centre to provide a deeper insight into your business. Agents can always have access to their performance results and become more engaged in their development through gamification.

Lina Bjelkmar, CEO, Indicate me

13.15 – 14.00


14.00 – 14.20


NPS.Today provide automated SaaS plug-in solutions and services which is easy to implement and effortless to monitor customers experience and loyalty. Through this, you will be able to take the right actions at the right time to ensure long-lasting and profitable relationships.

With your NPS.Today plug-in customer experience radar and a best practice program that is fully integrated into your existing customer engagement systems, you can easily measure, understand, and act on all customer experiences.

Peter T. Møller, CCO

Flemming Rand, Product Manager

14.20 – 14.40


Capturi’s customised solution helps you and your customer support team reach your full potential! Using speech analytics and machine learning, Capturi analyses your Puzzel recordings directly and transforms them into insights on how to achieve higher NPS, reduce the number of non-valuable customer calls and save valuable time for documentation and quality assurance.

Tobias Troelsen, Head of Marketing and Analytics

Jacob Emil Opstrup, CRO

14.40 – 15.00

The Big Debate

What’s the most important area contact centres should be investing in right now: customer experience, agent experience, AI or insights? Join us as we go head-to-head with our partners in our grand finale Big Debate. You’ll decide the winner!

Emma Skygebjerg

Director of WFM at Puzzel

Peter T. Møller

CCO at NPS. Today

Flemming Rand

Product Manager at NPS. Today

Lina Bjelkmar

CEO at Indicate me

Dan Nordale, CRO, Koopid

15:00 – 15:20

Q&A and close

Robert Wiles

Partner Channel Director, Puzzel

Featured add-ons


Boost.ai’s conversational AI platform makes building, deploying and managing virtual agents easy. Its powerful Automator™ technology can transform the information from your website or chat logs into a fully functional virtual agent in less than 10 days. Frontline customer service teams can also build bespoke self-service interactions using its conversation builder.


PCI Pal provides organisations with secure cloud payment and data protection solutions. Its core Agent Assist solution uses DTMF (telephone keypad) technology and speech recognition to enable contact centre agents to take secure payments through any channel whilst maintaining conversation with the customer at all times.


Replacing spreadsheets or outdated software, EvaluAgent is perfect for organisations with between 25 – 500 agents who need configurable workflows and enterprise-grade features without the need for expensive consultants or 6-month implementations.


SalesScreen is a sales motivation tool that empowers sales teams to unleash their full potential and improve all-round business performance. With gamification at its core, SalesScreen makes sales fun, engaging, exciting and rewarding, and helps organisations to build a transparent culture of appreciation.

Other Marketplace Partners present at the event


Indicate Me AB

NPS Today


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