Chapter 9: Top industry blogs

Here at Puzzel our mission is to enable brands to deliver exceptional experiences for our clients by combining technology and people to create lifelong relationships. This means taking into account a broad assortment of perspectives shaping the CCaaS space. From strategies and tactics to competitive insights, technology advances, and more, the following blogs have shaped our approach toward delivering the value that customers demand. We recommend bookmarking those most aligned with your business goals!

Adrian Swinscoe brings over 16 years experience to focusing on helping companies large and small develop and implement customer focused, sustainable growth strategies. He is a huge fan of organisations that do great things for their customers and their employees and also a helper to many wanting to achieve their own level of greatness.

The Call Centre Helper Blog is a valuable resource for call centre professionals, offering articles, guides, and tips on call centre management, operations, customer service, and workforce optimization. It provides insights and best practices to enhance call centre efficiency, productivity, and customer experience.

CX Network is an online community focused on building the intelligent enterprise. CXN provides relevant industry insights & benchmarks for global CX practitioners.

CX Today is the leading online publication for customer experience technology. Six hundred thousand unique users annually (and growing rapidly), a global demographic, and even a split between end-users and the industry. All content is original and created by in-house journalists to ensure continuity and SEO performance.

Forrester is a research and advisory firm that helps businesses develop customer-centric strategies. Their blog is written by global leaders with a track record of strategy and technology insights.

Gartner is a research and advisory firm that provides business leaders in various industries with the objective insights necessary to make strategic decisions. Gartner’s blog network consists of research directors and managers who share their insights on the latest trends across a wide range of industries. 

Content, tools, tips, advice, and best practices to help you improve the customer experience and grow into a prosperous and beloved company.

Tips for marketing, sales & service professionals to improve the customer journey and enhance customer experience.

Among other topics, No Jitter focuses on the contact centre and customer experience domains. It covers various topics related to contact centre technology, strategies, and trends that impact customer experience. The articles delve into areas such as contact centre solutions, omnichannel communication, AI-powered customer interactions, workforce management, and customer journey mapping. No Jitter’s blog provides valuable insights and expert perspectives for professionals involved in contact centre operations and those interested in optimising customer experiences through effective communication and technology utilisation.

Salesforce, the world’s leading enterprise cloud ecosystem, provides an assortment of tips and trends for sales teams seeking to outperform the competition. The Salesforce blog highlights best-in-class strategies and tactics for driving sales results. 

Seth Godin shares articles on marketing, tribes, and respect Author of 17 books, inductee into the Direct Marketing Hall of Fame, and all-around customer experience guru, Godin’s foresight for what customers want out of digital is unparalleled.

TechRadar is a technology website that provides news, reviews, and guides on various tech-related topics. Its blog posts about CX likely focus on how technology impacts customer experiences and provide insights on how companies can improve their customer interactions through technological advancements.