Chapter 4: Planning and the implementation plan

Once you have chosen a CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) vendor, the planning and preparation plan for implementing the new solution involves several key steps. Here’s a comprehensive outline to guide you through the process:

  • Define implementation objectives and scope: Clearly define the objectives and scope of the CCaaS implementation. Determine the specific features, functionalities, and modules you will initially implement and any phased rollouts or future expansion plans. Align these objectives with your organisation’s overall goals and strategies.
  • Create an implementation squad: Form an implementation team comprising key stakeholders from various departments, including IT, contact centre management, operations, training, and customer service. Assign roles and responsibilities, and establish regular communication channels for the team.
  • Develop an implementation timeline: Collaborate with the vendor to develop a detailed implementation timeline. This should include key milestones, tasks, dependencies, and estimated timeframes for each phase of the implementation process. Allocate sufficient time for testing, training, and change management activities.
  • Data migration and integration: Determine the data migration strategy from your existing system to the new CCaaS solution. Identify the data to be migrated, such as customer records, interaction history, and performance metrics. Work closely with the vendor to plan and execute the data migration process, ensuring data integrity and accuracy.
  • Infrastructure readiness: Assess your current infrastructure and ensure it meets the requirements specified by the vendor. This may involve upgrading network bandwidth, hardware, and internet connectivity and ensuring compatibility with existing systems. Coordinate with your IT team and the vendor to make any necessary infrastructure changes or additions.
  • Configure system settings and customisations: Collaborate with the vendor to configure the CCaaS solution according to your specific business requirements. This includes setting up call routing rules, IVR menus, agent skill groups, reporting metrics, and other system settings. Customise the solution to align with your contact centre processes and workflows.
  • Develop performance metrics and reporting: Work with the vendor to establish key performance metrics and reporting mechanisms to track the success of the implementation. Define relevant metrics such as average handle time, first-call resolution, customer satisfaction scores, and agent productivity. Configure reporting dashboards and ensure data accuracy for effective performance monitoring.

By following this planning and preparation plan, you can effectively implement a new CCaaS solution in your organisation, enabling enhanced customer experiences, improved operational efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction.