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Webinar: Puzzel’s latest product releases – Q1

The Puzzel product team has been busy making some exciting improvements to our customer service platform.

Join us on March 31 as Christian Thorsrud (Director of Product), Paal Kongshaug (Product Owner), Mashud Ahmed (Product Manager) and Andreas Wallin (Product Owner) present the latest releases and benefits for your contact centre.


  • Reduce your customer service costs with our new product Intelligent Chatbot
  • Visualise your contact centre performance with Dashboard and Real-Time reporting in the admin portal
  • Introducing Performance Management
  • Other new features
  • Q&A


Matt Hughes

Director of User Experiences at Puzzel

Mashud Ahmed

Product Manager at Puzzel

Yavor Angelov

Product Owner at Puzzel

Andreas Constr<meta charset=”utf-8″>öm

Product Owner at Puzzel

Farhad Fatemi

Product Owner at Puzzel

<meta charset=”utf-8″>Kenton Drover

Product Owner at Puzzel

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