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Webinar: Leveraging Salesforce in CX

Leveraging Salesforce in CX

Is your customer service team being slowed down by too many systems and applications?  

Research shows contact centres spent billions every year on agents having to navigate between multiple screens and applications during calls. 

In this webinar, discover how you can streamline your agent experience by integrating your Salesforce solution with Puzzel’s cloud-based Contact Centre Solution. We’ll show you how easy it can be for agents to connect with customers and utilise data to deliver exceptional customer service all within your Salesforce interface. We’ll explore the time-saving benefits of click-to-call and automatic activity logging, as well as the advantages of call blending, callback and skills-based routing.  


  • Introduction to Salesforce and Puzzel 
  • Benefits of integrating your contact centre and CRM solutions 
  • Live demo of Puzzel’s Salesforce integration 
  • Q&A 

Stort tack till alla som deltog i webinaret! Fyll i formuläret nedan så får du tillgång till inspelningen.


Robert Wiles

Director of Partnerships

Sundeep Boughan

Solution Architect

Webinar: Leveraging
Salesforce in CX