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Webinar: Agent Assist – bridging the gap

Agent Assist – bridging the gap

Customer enquiries are becoming more time consuming and complex, as easier requests are increasingly handled by bots and other self-service channels.

To ease the pressure off agents and maintain strong service levels, contact centres can take advantage of powerful AI tools such as Agent Assist and Speech Analytics.

Puzzel’s Agent Assist expertly guides agents through challenging interactions, offering helpful suggestions in real-time based on the conversation. It provides agents with a single, unified view of all customer interactions across all channels and then listens for keywords, identifies issues and recognises different emotions in the live request to point agents in the right direction. This reduces agent effort, lowers handling time and drives up customer satisfaction.

In this webinar, Puzzel’s Solution Architect, Sundeep Boughan, and Business Development Manager, Robert German explore the benefits of incorporating AI into your contact centre and service strategy. You’ll learn about CRMs, sentiment analysis and Speech Analytics, as well as see Puzzel’s Agent Assist in action.


  • Introduction to Agent Assist
  • CRMs and disparate systems
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Quality Monitoring
  • Speech Analytics

Stort tack till alla som deltog i webinaret! Fyll i formen nedan för att få tillgång till webinarinspelningen.


Robert German


Sundeep Boughan


Webinar: Agent Assist – bridging the gap