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The Evolution of the Contact Centre: Elevating the Front Line

Of the many ways in which contact centers have changed in the past year and a half, none is more significant or will have such a permanent positive impact as the elevation of the customer service function, and the growing emphasis on supporting colleagues on the front line.

Customer experience has long been a focus of attention. The relationship between employee experience and customer experience is well understood. However, advisor experience in contact centers is a relatively new concept. There has always been a keen focus on productivity in the contact center, but recently a more holistic set of practices have taken root that encompass wellbeing, career development, and investing in coaching, processes and tools, which empower the front line to be successful.

In this paper, we outline how and why the contact centre has become elevated and we present the case for why advisor experience should be a top priority in every organisation that has a contact centre. The insights and quotations in this paper are extracted from The Evolution of the Contact Centre, a CCMA research initiative supported by Puzzel.

The Evolution of the Contact Centre is an ongoing programme, the first three waves of which ran from August 2020 through March 2021. The next iteration is scheduled for launch September 2021.

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