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White paper

Part 6 | The Evolution of the Contact Centre

In August 2020, The CCMA and Puzzel started on a journey to track how the contact centre is evolving during times of profound change. This is the sixth part in a series of research reports exploring the evolution of the contact centre.

Since Part Five was published in February 2022, we have been plunged into a cost-of-living crisis the likes of which have not been experienced in generations. The implications are far-reaching in all aspects of society, including for a contact centre industry that was still grappling with the seismic changes brought about by the pandemic.

This sixth instalment of The Evolution of the Contact Centre explores the impact on customers, colleagues and organisations of rising inflation and growing financial constraint. As in previous waves this report is based on qualitative research comprising group discussions with industry leaders representing some of the UK’s leading brands.

Download the report to discover the five learnings.

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