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White paper

Frost & Sullivans rapport: Puzzel – årets företag 2023

Frost & Sullivan is proud to present Puzzel with this year’s Best Practices Company of the Year Award! Frost & Sullivan reserves this recognition for companies at the forefront of innovation and growth in their respective industries.

In recognising Puzzel as the 2023 Company of the Year, Frost highlights our unique blend of digital and human capabilities that optimise CX operations, streamline processes, and boost overall business efficiency. Our expertise in advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation, enables us to create seamless online customer support and service experiences. Our cloud-agnostic architecture, fully compliant with European data residency requirements, solidifies our reputation as a trusted data guardian.

As a trailblazer and trusted partner, Puzzel stands out as a leading provider of cloud contact centre solutions, earning us Frost & Sullivan’s prestigious award. 

Discover more about our achievements and Frost & Sullivan’s accolades by downloading the report.

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