Get Connected: Go Beyond – Discover your path to success  

Get Connected: Go Beyond – Discover your path to success  

Kundservice bryter ny mark. En värld av möjligheter ligger framför oss.

För att nå framgång under 2021 kommer kontaktcenter behöva blicka bortom de berg som bestigits under 2020 och söka en ny väg framåt med nya utmaningar.

I år samlar Puzzels årliga Get Connected-konferens några av de bästa kontaktcenter och kundservice-experterna som finns i branschen under ett och samma tak för att hjälpa dig att sätta dina mål för 2021.

Utforska de senaste trenderna i industrin, vilka planer några av de största varumärken har för det kommande året och vad experterna förutspår för det nästkommande decenniet. Lär dig hur du kan stötta, motivera och behålla dina agenter medan du navigerar dig fram i det nya normala med agilt arbete från hemmakontoret. Se hur teknologi och artificiell intelligens har utvecklats för att du ska kunna jobba smartare och få nya perspektiv. Och sist men inte minst, nätverka med andra som brinner för kundservice. Bolla idéer, dela goda råd och skapa kontakter som kan inspirera dig under detta tidevarv utan motstycke.

Get Connected flyttar ut online i år, med fyra heldagsspår som du kan joina när helst det passar dig. Biljetterna är gratis men antalet platser är begränsade, så boka in dig redan idag!

9.30 – 9.45

Achieving Success in 2021

Goodbye 2020, hello 2021!

Join Puzzel CEO Børge Astrup as he shares his key takeaways from Puzzel’s journey in 2020 and his vision for the year ahead. Find out how Puzzel plans to grow and challenge the CCaaS industry with its new customer-centric approach, what technologies and products lie on the horizon, and the vital role its Neighbourhood will play in helping to achieve success.

In this session, Børge Astrup will cover:
• Welcome to Get Connected
• What did Puzzel learn in 2020?
• What can customers expect in 2021?
• Our vision and strategy
• Product roadmap
• How Puzzel is challenging the CCaaS industry

Børge Astrup

CEO, Puzzel

9.45 – 10.30

Emotive CX for Customer Interaction

Tuning in to the emotive needs and expectations of customers has incredible commercial value. Not only must we recognise how customers are feeling during a service or sales interaction, we should also seek to influence how their needs are resolved and remembered. Their ongoing loyalty depends on it, especially in times of heightened anxiety.

In this session, Martin Hill-Wilson from Brainfood Consulting will cover:
•The scope of emotive CX for customer interaction
•The impact of emotional connections on customer loyalty
•The neuroscience of emotion and psychology of remembered experience
•Why emotive CX should be a customer service priority
•A framework for end-to-end management of emotive CX

Martin Hill-Wilson

Director, Brainfood Consulting

10.00 – 10.40

Det klimatpositiva kontaktcentret

Beskrivning kommer inom kort…

Christian Ceder

Vice President, Telefoni, Office Management

10.30 – 11.00

Securing your Contact Centre

How can you boost security, maintain data protection and safeguard your employees from fraud during these exceptional times?

In this session, Puzzel’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Espen Knutsen will discuss the many privacy, data and security challenges that have arisen during the pandemic and how you can overcome them. He’ll explore the latest developments in GDPR and how Puzzel is ensuring its customers can safely work from home with a secure and compliant contact centre.

In this session, Espen Knutsen will cover:
•Data classification – what data is processed and how is it classified
• Information flow
• Identification and authorisation
• GDPR and compliance
• What technical and organisational measures should be established?

Espen Knutsen

CISO, Puzzel

10.30 – 11.00

AIEd: Artificial Intelligence in Education and Training

Artificial Intelligence has generated major breakthroughs in the last decade. Already the world of learning has seen the use of AI in areas such as automating grades, automated AI tutors, and tailored and personalised learning.

In this session, Scott Maryan from Puzzel will cover:
• What is AIEd (Artificial Intelligence in Education)?
• The roles of AI in learning
• How will Artificial Intelligence impact training and learning in the future?
• Examples of emerging AI learning technologies

Scott Maryan

Agent Care, Puzzel

11.00 – 11.45


11.45 – 12.15

Hur man behåller en gemensam företagskultur över olika länder

För oss på Puzzel är företagskulturen och vårt fokus på medarbetarna en av våra största styrkor. Men hur behåller vi en gemensam kultur över 7 olika länder? Och hur rustar man sitt företag för att klara en pandemi där de anställda inte kan ses ens på de lokala kontoren, utan merparten av arbetsstyrkan är hänvisade till hemmakontor?

I denna session gör vi en djupdykning i hur Puzzel aktivt arbetar med att vara ONE Puzzel – ett företag med gemensam kultur, engagerade medarbetare, aktiva chefer och verktyg för att följa upp personal och prestation.

Anna berättar hur Puzzel praktiskt går tillväga och delar med sig av det kontinuerliga förbättringsarbetet.

Anna Oom Lindroos

HR Director, Puzzel

12.15 – 13.00

The Evolution of the Contact Centre

2020 was a year of extraordinary change for the customer service industry.

As Covid-19 spread across the world and businesses went into lockdown, Puzzel partnered with the Call Centre Management Association (CCMA) to study the pandemic’s impact on contact centre operations, service levels and staff. The research programme, which comprised of three waves in July 2020, October 2020 and January 2021, brought together a panel of senior contact centre leaders from a broad range of sectors to examine their experiences and identify key trends for the future.

In this session, Jonathan Allan from Puzzel and Stephen Yap from the CCMA will cover:
• The key findings from waves 1, 2 and 3 of the research
• The latest trends influencing the contact centre world
• The opportunities and threats for contact centres in an era of rapid change

Jonathan Allan

CMO, Puzzel

Stephen Yap

Director of Research, CCMA

12.30 – 13.00

Employee Engagement: It’s all about people

ProffCom is one of Norway’s leading players in customer service and sales, offering overflow solutions, outsourcing of customer service and development of chatbots and robot trainers.

Find out how they addressed the challenges of Covid-19, solving them with a focus on employee engagement and technology.

By using a new way of measuring and working with employee engagement, ProffCom succeeded in its transition from on-site work to work from home.

In this session, Rune Lonkemoen from ProffCom will cover:
•Introduction to ProffCom Customer service challenges during Covid-19
•Measuring employee engagement
•Key lessons learned
•ProffCom’s plans for the future

Rune Lonkemoen


13.00 – 13.30

Designing for User Experience

User Experience (UX) is not just usability – it’s the way your product or service looks and feels, its functionality, adoptability, desirability and value. It’s one of the four key pillars of Total Experience (TX) and can be the maker or breaker of brands.

So what does Puzzel have planned this year? Join Matt Hughes, Puzzel’s Director of User Experience, as he explains the importance of UX in today’s increasingly virtual and mobile world, how it contributes to TX, and what exciting developments Puzzel has planned for 2021.

In this session, Matt Hughes will cover:
• What does User Experience mean to Puzzel?
• Why is it so important in today’s world?
• How does UX contribute to the Total Experience?
• What’s up and coming at Puzzel?

Matt Hughes

Head of UX, Puzzel

13.00 – 13.30

Salesforce Best Practice for Contact Centres

Want to get the most out of your Salesforce solution? Join Symren Malhi from Puzzel as she explains the benefits of integrating your contact centre software with your CRM. Learn how agents can take advantage of time-saving features such as click-to-call to reduce handle time, and use CRM data to deliver more personalised customer service and improve first-call resolution.

You’ll see Puzzel’s Salesforce integration in action and gain practical tips for ensuring a seamless configuration.

In this session, Symren will cover:
• Introduction to Salesforce
• Why integrate your contact centre and CRM solutions?
• Top tips for seamless integrations
• Getting the most out of your customer data
• Best practice for contact centres
• Demo of Puzzel’s Salesforce integration

Symren Malhi

Business Manager, Puzzel

14.15 – 14.45

Puzzel Support

Beskrivning kommer inom kort…

Natasha Pasic

System Engineer, Puzzel

Willy Vesanto

System Engineer, Puzzel

15.00 – 15.30

Innovating for Service Excellence

Technical and product innovations in customer service – what is new, what is coming and what can we learn from champion service brands and the way they manage their customers?

In this session, Mike Havard from Ember Group, will share some of the latest innovations in customer service from the major brands his company advises. He’ll also share his insight into how customer needs and expectations of service are evolving, and how organisations are adapting to their own ‘new normal’ at this challenging time. Mike will also allow time for questions.

In this session, Mike Havard will cover:
• What are the drivers of innovation in service?
• How do you keep up or step ahead?
• What are the new ideas, products and innovations of interest and relevance right now?
• Is innovating for service excellence worth it – what is the real value to organisations of this?
• How do you get the Board to support you?

Mike Havard

Customer Management, Channels and Technology Industry Leader, Ember Group

15.00 – 15.30

Workforce Management – Agent Scheduling

Covid-19 has made it harder than ever for contact centres to accurately forecast demand and schedule their agents accordingly. Last-minute lockdowns, restrictions and absences, combined with new remote working models, have made it difficult for leaders to coordinate teams and maintain service levels.

Workforce Management (WFM) solutions can help you tackle these problems, using data captured from your contact centre to help you predict peaks and troughs in demand and build schedules that can be edited in real-time. 

Join Puzzel’s Consulting Manager, Timothy Wharfe, as he explores the benefits of WFM (no more spreadsheets!) and shares real-world examples of how companies have been able to drive efficiency and improve their CX. He’ll also explain the key features to look out for when hunting for the right solution.

In this session, Tim Wharfe will cover:
• What is workforce management?
• How can WFM benefit contact centres?
• Features to look for in a WFM solution
• Best practice for forecasting and scheduling
• Demo of Puzzel WFM

Tim Wharfe


15.45 – 16.30

Total Experience: How to unify your customer, employee and user experiences

Total Experience (TX) has emerged as one of the top technology trends for 2021. So what is it and how can you incorporate it into your technology and customer service strategy?

In this session, Puzzel’s Chief Technology Officer Thomas Rødseth will explore the concept of TX and the benefits of unifying your user experience (UX), multi-experience (MX), customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX). 

Research shows while most customer-facing employees want to provide outstanding customer experiences, many do not feel enabled to do so. Incorporating TX into your business strategy can therefore help you design a 360-degree experience that reduces effort, empowers your employees and improves your customer service.

In this session, Thomas Rødseth will cover:
• What is ‘Total Experience’ and why is it especially relevant today?
• What is Puzzel doing to help you link your customer and employee experience?
• Why is user experience (UX) important for both CX and EX?
• What is ‘multi-experience’?
• How can you introduce and increase your presence on new digital devices and systems?

Thomas Rødseth

CTO, Puzzel

16.30 – 16.40

Closing Keynote

Børge Astrup

CEO, Puzzel

16.30 – 17.15

Afterparty – CX quiz

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