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Webinar: Pystymmekö kumoamaan ennakkoluulosi chatboteista?

Chatbot myths – Separating fact from fiction

Rumour has it that chatbots are expensive, time consuming, complicated, and stealing contact centre jobs… but is that really true?

In this webinar, our expert panellists will share the latest advances in chatbot technology and debunk some of the most common myths that hold contact centres back.


  • Mashud Ahmed, Product Manager, Puzzel
  • Clay Cardozo, Head of Technology Partnerships, boost.ai


  • Introduction to Puzzel and boost.ai
  • Do chatbots understand different languages and dialects?
  • It takes so long to implement and train a chatbot… or does it?
  • Different roles of a chatbot
  • Chatbot as a part of an omnichannel experience
  • Q&A

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