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Empower your team with comprehensive training.

Unlock your team’s potential with targeted training that drives results. Our training programmes provide the knowledge and support your agents need to excel in their roles – boosting motivation and performance for long-term success


Trusted by Europe's Customer Experience leaders.

Training for tomorrow's customer needs.

Contact centre agents are constantly adapting to changing customer behaviours and technologies. Your agents are more than problem solvers – they need to be experts in products, software, and communication. Investing in their training and development is not just beneficial but critical for achieving sustainable success. Our training programmes focus on real-world simulations and exercises, ensuring your agents develop the skills and confidence to excel – empowering them to deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

Agent training

Product training

Master Puzzel's products and services.

Discover a variety of training sessions tailored for agents, supervisors and managers, covering all Puzzel products and services. Our blended learning approach is complemented by a comprehensive post-course adoption pack, featuring videos, cheat sheets, handouts, and worksheets for enhanced retention and application


Soft Skills Training

Empathy for enhanced customer support.

Our training equips contact centre agents with essential skills to recognise, understand, and manage emotions effectively when interacting with customers. Through theoretical and practical exercises, your agents can learn how to regulate their emotions and empathise with customers to enhance the quality-of-service delivery. We have plenty of available trainings and courses for soft skills, including Emotional Intelligence, Engaged Listening, Support for Vulnerable Customers, and Stress Reduction Techniques.  

Meet our trainers

Our seasoned trainers bring extensive hands-on experience and industry insights to every session. With a wealth of product knowledge and industry insights, our trainers are dedicated to equipping your team with the skills and competencies needed to excel in their respective fields. Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced professional, you can trust our trainers to provide top-notch guidance and support throughout your learning journey. 

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