State of Contact Centres 2024: Energy & Utilities.

The landscape of CX in energy and utilities is changing rapidly. Recent studies reveal that 60% of customers now demand better levels of service, and 34% regularly switch providers if their expectations are not met. Communication preferences are also changing, with 80% of consumers preferring digital interactions over traditional methods.

To gain insights into the current state and future trends of contact centres in Europe, we have conducted a survey of 750 contact centre leaders from various organisations in the region.

Our survey results reveal an industry that is embracing change and opportunity, with a focus on improving client satisfaction, adopting advanced CX solutions, and using artificial intelligence and automation to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

In this report, we will delve into the details of these trends, through the perspective of your peers – contact centre leaders – offering a glimpse into the future of contact centres in financial services as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of the current CX landscape.

State of Contact Centres 2024: Energy & Utilities
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