Webinar: How to reduce customer effort in the contact centre

Jun 29

1pm - 2pm

There is a clear correlation between loyalty and customer effort.

During this webinar we will look at the practical steps that you can take to reduce customer effort in your organisations.

And being an interactive webinar, you will also have the opportunity to share tips and ask questions of the audience and other attendees. We will run an interactive chat room in parallel with the webinar.

Topics to be discussed

  • Customer effort
  • The customer effort score
  • The best service is no service
  • Avoidable contact
  • Reducing repeat contacts
  • Spotting and changing broken processes
  • Use of self-service
  • Improving customer service information on the web site
  • Quick wins to reduce customer effort
  • The role of technology
  • Top tips from the audience

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Peter Massey


Budd - Customer Experience Specialist

Sundeep Boughan

Solution Architect


Rachael Boynton

Digital Media Manager

Call Centre Helper