Ticketing – an additional solution for case management

Through a range of CRM integrations, a 360-degree view of customer engagements can be obtained if your organisation has a clear CRM strategy that stretches to the contact centre.

For organisations that do not use CRM a ticketing solution providing case management is the perfect solution to track customer dialogue over time, and to allocate ticket-numbers to written interactions.

Through the Puzzel contact centre solution all incoming requests can be routed and distributed to the correct agent. With extensive support for handling and queuing the interactions this allows contact centre managers to have full control of the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the contact centre.

Puzzel provides a ticketing solution as an additional module to allow contact centres to obtain a complete set of capabilities for both contact centre and case management.

Ticketing includes features such as;

  • Allocation of case ID to incoming interactions for easy identification and management
  • Keyword matching and triggers in incoming e-mails for automatic responses
  • Canned responses for pre-formatted replies to save agents’ time
  • Merging of tickets relating to the same case to avoid duplication and improve response