Puzzel Pay

Digital notification and payment of outstanding debts

Puzzel Pay enables digital payment requests to be sent to customers and allows them to pay using their preferred payment method. Puzzel Pay integrates easily with other back office systems for speedy settlement. Puzzel is PCI-DSS certified, which means that we can securely handle credit card transactions and mobile banking solutions. Our experience and modern technology ensure a secure and improved customer experience when paying by credit card.

Puzzel Pay provides flexibility and visibility:

  • The payment environment is fragmented and customers use many different payment platforms therefore it can be hard to choose the right payment method for your organisation. Puzzel Pay lets you customize your solution from a set of different payment options and allows customers to chose their preferred method of payment
  • SMS is a secure and responsive communication channel. The SMS channel converts more and faster payments than any other digital channel such as email
  • You can customize your payment communication dynamically to the customer
  • You can streamline the payment process and have full control by using the API to integrate Puzzel Pay to your own CRM or ERP
  • Receive status reports on all SMS and payment transactions and know where all customers are in the payment process
  • Ideal for individual or batches of payments

Other benefits include:

  • Security: Puzzel is PCI-DSS, ISO-27001 and ISO-9001 certified
  • Flexibility: we offer flexible standard solutions and customization
  • Accessibility: our support staff, technicians, and product managers are available to discuss your specific needs, challenges and any other issues you may want to talk to us about
  • Stability: We have redundancy solutions, a 24/7 duty system and continuous monitoring 365 days a year
  • Multi-PSP: We have integrations with several PSPs (Payment Service Providers), mobile banking providers and other payment providers
  • Customer portal: With access to log search, configuration, statistics and more.

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