Credit Card Payment

Secure solutions for credit card payments

Puzzel is PCI-DSS certified, which means that, as a supplier, we are able to offer your company programming interfaces, as well as unique pre-designed and customised solutions for credit card payments. Our experience and modern technology ensure a secure and improved customer experience when paying by credit card.

Puzzel Credit Card Payments provide flexibility and visibility to match your requirements:

  • Payment Window: When the end-user wants to pay, they are sent to our PCI-DSS certified payment window where the payment is settled fast, easily and securely. You can make many adjustments to the payment window in our customer portal, in terms of both appearance and functionality
  • Create your own payment window: Use our API to create a payment window to match your requirements. If you do not have access to your own PCI-DSS environment, you can rent a space in our operating environment. We also provide assistance with security related code reviews and application scans
  • A customised payment window: We can customise a payment window based on your needs/requirements. We offer consultancy, project management, UX, development, QA and operations, depending on what you would like to bring to the project/do yourselves
  • Anti-fraud solutions: We have extensive experience with anti-fraud solutions that analyse utilisation patterns and block attempts at fraud. A solid anti-fraud solution may reduce your need for additional security mechanisms such as Bank ID/3D-Secure, which in turn enhances the user-experience. When needed, you can tweak your anti-fraud policies, analyse the log and manually lift/add barriers via our customer portal.

Other benefits include:

  • Security: Puzzel is PCI-DSS, ISO-27001 and ISO-9001 certified
  • Flexibility: We offer flexible standard solutions and interfaces
  • Accessibility: Our support staff, technicians, and product managers are available to discuss your specific needs, challenges and any other issues you may want to talk to us about
  • Stability: We have redundancy solutions, a 24/7 duty system and continuous monitoring 365 days a year
  • Multi-PSP: We have integrations with several PSPs (Payment Service Providers). By using our solutions, you are able to switch PSPs freely without having to make any changes to other payment integrations
  • Customer portal: With access to log search, configuration, statistics and more.

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