Contact Centre Payment

Puzzel Secure Contact Centre Payments

Improve customer experience and streamline your payment process by offering secure contact centre payments to customers. During a call, agents can receive payment from a caller, either via mobile banking, credit card or carrier billing (paid via the customer’s monthly telephone bill) or send the payment request when the call ends so that it can be completed later. All of this can be achieved without any sensitive payment information being exchanged between the customer and agent.

We build all available payment channels into an easy to use interface for both the agent and the customer. While online the agent can assist and guide the caller making sure the payment is completed correctly. This simplifies and speeds up the payment process significantly – essential for a successful and profitable business. The solution can be integrated with other business systems or be used as standalone solution.

By enabling contact centre payments organisations:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Strengthen cash flow
  • Reduce the number of customer enquiries
  • Lower financial costs with less invoicing and unpaid claims

Typical uses are:

  • Deposit and invoice payment
  • Product purchases
  • Ticket and travel bookings
  • Subscription and renewals
  • Memberships

Other benefits include: