Knowledgebase Solution from Puzzel

Turn every agent into a seasoned expert with a comprehensive knowledgebase solution that fully leverages your CRM and Puzzel contact centre solution. Transversal and Puzzel combine patented search technology with real-time CRM data to help automate the process of getting the right information fast – all within the Puzzel contact centre solution interface.

Here are just some of the benefits:

  • Optimise agent efficiencies: provides quicker problem resolution capabilities for agents to easily find the right answers, first time – increasing first contact closures
  • Lower average handle times (AHT): eliminates the unnecessary instances of agents placing customers on hold to gather the information they need to serve the customer
  • Minimise agent training efforts: decreases new product training efforts, accelerates staff ramp-up time and provides overall higher job quality
  • Capture and retain employee knowledge: increases peer to peer knowledge sharing and prevents the loss of essential subject matter or product expertise when employees leave
  • All the benefits of an enterprise cloud solution: improved deployment times, flexible subscription-based pricing, enterprise-grade cloud security and global performance.