Puzzel Bot

A complete Bot solution from Puzzel

Puzzel can provide a complete chatbot solution for your contact centre, including training the bot trainer and assisting in integration with existing business logic and solutions. With rapid implementation based on cloud-based technologies your bot solution can be up and running within weeks delivering service to your customers when they want it and in their channel of choice.

Benefits of Puzzel Bots:

  • Puzzel bots answer enquiries in the same user interface as human agents which means there is no need for separate interfaces for chatbots as they are integrated into existing channels such as Chat Client
  • Seamless integration with human agents means that handover in either direction i.e. chatbot to human, human to chatbot does not slow enquiry resolution and maintains a good customer experience
  • Save time as bot training will apply to all incoming channels. You only need to train a bot in one place and it will be valid in the future across all channels eg Chat, email, Facebook Messenger etc
  • An extensive catalogue of integrations and expertise means that new integrations can be created and a bot framework can be switched without changing user interfaces
  • Are a gateway to different frameworks, such as IBM Watson, Boost.ai and Dialogflow from Google.

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