Puzzel Optimisation Programme

Unlock the full potential of your contact centre investments to ensure delightful customer experiences for many years to come. 

A program dedicated to serving our valued customers

The Puzzel Optimisation Programme has been carefully designed by our experienced Solutions Architects to help customers stay at the cutting edge of CX innovation.  

The concept is simple – we believe that by investing in continuous improvements, CX leaders can stay ahead of ever-evolving customer expectations. The program works by helping existing Puzzel customers fine-tune their processes and tools with industry-leading knowledge and best practices learned from the best in the business. This goes far beyond a ‘health-check,’ helping you optimise every facet of your CX strategy, ultimately enhancing your business processes, elevating agent performance and improving customer experiences. 

Brief introduction:

  • In-depth analysis
    Puzzel experts collaborate with your team to comprehensively assess your systems, processes and strategies. 
  • Tailored recommendations
    We know that your business is unique. We use a thorough and unique approach to offer recommendations that align with your business’s specific needs. 
  • Strategic implementation
    The Puzzel Optimisation Programme is your secret weapon for success. Beyond recommendations, we help you bring about meaningful and powerful change at a timeline that suits you. We are with you every step of the way to strategise and implement improvements that have a measurable impact.

Your customers evolve. Your business needs to evolve with them

In the ever-evolving business of CX, the only constant is change. By committing to a culture of consistent improvement, you can ensure your customers are delighted with every interaction, today and in the future. Puzzel is ready to help you every step of the way, as a committed partner to your team’s success. 

Through an in-depth analysis and an optional onsite session, the programme identifies areas for improvement and constructs tailored recommendations that drive meaningful change. The key findings, observations and recommendations are compiled into an extensive report, providing you with valuable insights to craft enhanced customer experiences.

Puzzel Optimisation Programme – in detail 

In-depth analysis of your processes and systems

Our team collaborates with yours to comprehensively assess your systems, processes, and strategies. Through observations, questionnaires and a scoping session, the program identifies areas for improvement and recommendations tailored to your needs.

Optional onsite session for a deeper understanding

During the onsite session, our team of Solution Architects work closely with your agents and leaders to understand daily tasks, systems in use, corporate strategies, and other key elements to gain a deeper understanding of your contact centre. The insights gathered during the on-site session serve as a cornerstone for the tailored recommendations that drive transformative change in your contact centre.

Tailored recommendations aligned with your goals

The key findings, observations and recommendations from the analysis and onsite session are compiled into an extensive report, providing you with valuable insights to craft enhanced customer experiences.

We found the Optimisation programme super helpful!

The programme has given us real scope into what we want to do next to achieve the best levels of resident and user experience. The process was easy and quick. Neil was clear, concise and the report covered all aspects of our discussions and the key areas we want to focus on. We are now turning the report into reality.

Louise, Head of Customer Experience at Newlon

A Programme Designed for Our Customers

The programme is available to all Puzzel customers and comes in three different packages: Lite, Full and Custom. The programme covers a range of Puzzel products, including call flows, integrations, knowledgebase, call recording and archive, reporting and dashboards, Case Management, Digital Engagement and Smart Bots.


The smallest package focuses on voice-only solutions and includes 16 hours of Professional Services. It does not include onsite sessions.


This package covers all channels and includes 32 hours of Professional Services. An on-site session is included.


This package is tailored to your specific needs and goals. It encompasses multiple identities and includes multiple onsite sessions. The full scope is to be agreed with you.

Are you ready to optimise?

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