Puzzel Contact Centre for 
Utilities and Public Services

Deliver smart customer service for modern households 

Empower busy customers and citizens with easy, convenient support

Deliver on your promise of effortless customer service and support with the Puzzel Contact Centre for Utilities & Public Services. Our powerful cloud platform includes all the tools you need to meet the modern needs of households, including voice, video and digital channels, AI-powered self-service and alerts, and accessibility.

A customer service platform built for energy, utilities and public service providers: 

  • Smart customer journeys
    Meet your customers’ modern needs with live and self-service channels accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Safe and secure
    Protect your customers and agents with the highest privacy and data security standards
  • Flexible and customisable
    Our open software can integrate with your internal databases, CRM, payment systems and almost any other app, solution or device

Exceed expectations with modern, accessible customer service

Be there when people need you most

In moments of crisis, people need answers and support fast. With the PIn moments of crisis, people need answers and support fast. With the Puzzel Customer Service Platform, you can communicate proactively with customers to notify them of local incidents, such as power outages or weather events. Send alerts directly to their phones and keep them up-to-date with automated messages as situations change. Leverage AI-powered chatbots and automation to scale up your customer service during emergencies and peak demand. And use workforce management tools to create accurate forecasts and schedules that ensure your teams are always efficiently and effectively staffed.  

Build efficient self-service journeys

You don’t need to increase your headcount to support your customers’ growing needs. Instead, create easy self-service journeys that empower them to help themselves! 

Build Interactive Voice Response (IVR) journeys to help people report issues, request repairs or submit metre readings over the phone. Create online knowledgebases where people can search for information about your products, services and policies or find answers to FAQs. And use an AI-powered chatbot to automatically engage and assist customers on your website, helping them with routine tasks such as resetting passwords and filling out forms.  

Be a leader in accessibility 

People of all ages, backgrounds and abilities depend on your services, so your customer support needs to be clear, simple and cater to diverse needs.

With our omnichannel cloud contact centre you can:

  • Provide customer support across a range of channels, including voice, text and video-based channels that allow for the use of sign language and other visual aids
  • Prioritise vulnerable customers and ensure they’re always routed to the right agents with the right skills to assist them with their enquiries
  • Support visually impaired employees who use screen readers with our WCAG-compliant agent and chat applications

A partner you can trust

With more than 20 years’ experience designing bespoke customer service solutions for businesses and helping them migrate to the cloud – we are the technology partner you can trust to guide and support you on your digital transformation journey. Whether you want to introduce new digital channels, upgrade from a legacy on-prem solution, or boost efficiency with the latest automation and AI, our expert team is ready to help. Our cloud solutions are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, so you can be sure of the highest quality service and security for your people. 

Trusted by award-winning businesses

luke sambridgeaffinity water

“It wouldn’t have been possible without Puzzel”

“Our resolution time decreased from five days to three. It wouldn’t have been possible if we didn’t have Puzzel’s omni-channel solution in place!”

Luke Sambridge, Head of Customer Strategy & Experience, Affinity Water

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Puzzel’s contact centre is both reliable and intuitive”

“It means a lot to us because we have staff who are spread all over the country who can use the system easily.”

Torben Glock, Project Leader, DDH

“These are exciting times for us as the introduction of our new Web Chat service expands our ability to communicate with residents. Our online portal with Web Chat puts greater control in the hands of residents and because Puzzel allows our customer service representatives to deal with more than one enquiry at the same time, residents benefit from a real-time response and speedier contact resolution.”

James Sheppard, Customer Service Manager, Clarion Housing

“I was looking for a solution to put all the channels together and give us an overview of what’s coming in, how it’s managed and how quickly we respond. One of the reasons we went with Puzzel was because it gave us that modular approach.”

Matthew Phillips, Assistant Director of Housing, Newlon Housing Trust 

Proudly recognised for our standards and vision

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