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Ombudsman Services Case Study

Cloud-based contact centre solution from Puzzel helps Ombudsman Services introduce flexible working and support rapid business growth.


40,000 calls per month handled
600 agents on our platform

The requirement

Rapid business growth has prompted the UK’s leading independent dispute resolution company to replace its original on premise telephony system with a more flexible, scalable solution to manage increased call volumes and support new ways of working.

“On average, our busy contact centre handles 40,000 calls per month but these volumes can vary considerably depending on offers and deadlines imposed by different regulators or participating companies. The ever increasing volume of calls also reflects the number of companies and consumers requiring our specialist services. As a result we had to find new ways of working to create a more agile contact centre. This also involved replacing our original on premise telephony system with a more flexible, scalable solution which could accommodate our fast-growing business and, over time, integrate with our new case management system to guarantee excellent customer service and efficient dispute resolution at all times.”

Senior Planning & MI Manager, Business Support at Ombudsman Services

The solution

The Puzzel (formerly Intelecom) contact centre solution is used by 166 enquiry officers, 150 investigation officers and 29 case administrators to answer high and fluctuating call volumes. Managers use it to distribute calls, monitor agent activity and produce reports.

The results

The flexibility of the system has made home-working possible, boosting productivity and increasing customer satisfaction. Highly scalable, new agents are up and running quickly and additional agents can be added on demand.


Ombudsman uses Puzzel to handle more than 40,000 calls per month

Advanced reporting capabilities aid faster, improved decision-making and support future planning

The flexibility of the Puzzel platform has helped Ombudsman introduce home-working for investigating officers

Ombudsman now has greater visibility of agent activity and call queues, putting the organisation in complete control of its contact centre environment.

Here’s what Ombudsman had to say

“By far the biggest benefit of using the Puzzel contact centre solution is its flexibility and scalability, essential to supporting us during a period of tremendous growth and change. The transparency of the system and the visibility it provides puts us in complete control of our day-to-day contact centre operations. Thanks to Puzzel, we have a carefully tailored solution that brings operational and business agility to the contact centre.”

Senior Planning & MI Manager, Business Support at Ombudsman Services