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Who’s who: Rob Clough, RevOps Manager

Welcome to our Who’s Who series, where we introduce you to the wonderful people who work at Puzzel and explore their roles, achievements and impact. From chess players to trained chefs, globetrotters and code geeks, our diverse team is full of talent and expertise worth sharing.

“Throw a problem my way, and I am a dog with a bone. I like to find creative, efficient ways to solve them.”

Based in Lincolnshire, a county in the east of England, Rob Clough is RevOps Manager by day, band member by night! Rob joined Puzzel back in March 2022 and is responsible for all business systems, including Salesforce. Rob has a real ‘people first’ attitude, thanks to his customer support background. Which is why we couldn’t wait to chat with him today for our latest Who’s Who interview.

Q. Tell us, what does your role at Puzzel entail?

I work within the RevOps team here at Puzzel as our RevOps Manager. I oversee systems and tools, including the workflow, data flow and security. Some of these tools include Salesforce, Outreach, Gainsight and other CRM integrations. I work cross-functionally with sales, marketing, finance, product, and other stakeholders to share insights and centralise information and more.

Day to day, I spend most of my time on various projects, configuring Salesforce to improve functionality, usability and data quality, but they’re also other elements to my job, such as project management, overall system architecture and technical support.

Q. What’s your favourite part about being a RevOps Manager?

One thing, in particular, I love about my job is the creative side of the role. Coming up with creative solutions to business problems. Throw a problem my way, and I am a dog with a bone. I like to find creative, efficient ways to solve them.

Having worked in technical support, I have that logical problem-solving mindset, but I have always been creative too. This comes in handy when thinking about user experience and design. Salesforce is a very visual tool, so I need to make sure it’s easy to navigate and functional to use. Having an appreciation for design is an important part of that.

I also love the collaboration side of things. I am fortunate to work with pretty much every department within the business. I get to learn about all of the business processes, and every now and then, I get to have a little influence on how they work.

Q: How did you become a Salesforce Admin?

There is a term in the Salesforce community called ‘accidental admin’. Let’s just say I never went on the careers day at school and chose to be a Salesforce Admin. It happened pretty organically over a couple of years at a previous company. I was in technical support and started managing a project using Jira. I was so passionate about the configuration that I decided I wanted to go into a role where I did that full-time. An internal position came up for Salesforce Administrator, and I jumped for it. I completed all the Salesforce Trailheads and became a certified Salesforce System Administrator.

Q: How is Puzzel’s Salesforce used and how does it impact the customer?

Salesforce is considered the source of truth in the organisation. It impacts most people’s day jobs here at Puzzel, which of course, affects the customer. Everything from the marketing process to the sales process and how we communicate to the customer. Anything from delivery projects, customer success, and invoicing, the entire customer journey is represented by Salesforce and the other business systems.

Q: What’s your proudest achievement at Puzzel so far?

A couple of projects come to mind, one being the custom forecasting solution I built. We had some system limitations in Salesforce, which meant we couldn’t use the out-of-the-box solution. So I created a custom solution which enables Puzzelers to produce sales forecasts, helping sales teams manage their pipeline.

Another project was a custom solution on how to track leads against an account. I love adapting Salesforce to make it do what it wasn’t intended to do. During the development of this project, I definitely twisted a few things in Salesforce to make that work. So hopefully, it has a positive impact on a number of departments within the organisation.

Q. How do you maintain a good work-life balance?

The culture here at Puzzel is very much focussed on well-being and family. I think it comes from the Scandinavian way of life. For me, it was one of the real selling points that the business understood people have a life outside of work. I have a wife and a seven-year-old daughter (as well as lots of hobbies), so I make sure I don’t work crazy hours and prioritise both parts of my life.

I am one man band, so there is a certain amount of pressure that comes with that. Making sure I set expectations and stick to a schedule that works for me is crucial. The flexibility and the ability to work from home really do help that. Instead of spending hours commuting, I can spend that time doing something for myself before work.

Q. What are your hobbies outside of work?

Not sure if it’s obvious, but I am a massive nerd. I’m a gamer and into my music. Music has always been a big part of my life, and I’m in a couple of bands. One band is relatively new, and we still have no name for it. The other band I am in is a metal band called Now Disconnect (sorry, shameless plug!).

Q. How would you describe the culture at Puzzel?

The culture at Puzzel is one of the first things that attracted me to apply for Puzzel. I loved the idea of working for a Scandinavian company. And as soon as I started talking to Puzzel’s internal recruiter, I got such a good vibe about the company.

First and foremost, I love how friendly everyone is. But I also appreciate the transparency – everyone is honest and open.

And I’d say collaboration is a big part of the culture here too. You know everyone generally works together. You don’t have that kind of flat leadership structure – people have a voice. It really is a great place to work.

Q. What inspires you?

Honestly just being good at what I do. Being the best I can be and perfecting my skillset. Knowing I can make someone’s day a little bit better is a huge driver too. I think that goes back to my support days. Customer service is second nature to me, so it really does inspire me to do and be better knowing I’m helping someone and making an impact.

At Puzzel, your ideas are encouraged and your opinions matter. If you think you’d be a great fit for our team, get in touch today!

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