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Ten quick questions with Ruby: Puzzel’s AI Smart Chatbot

Alexa, Siri, and Google – we have all heard of them. Last year, Puzzel launched our new Puzzel Smart Chatbot, a conversational AI chatbot that allows businesses to provide customer service on their website 24/7. In fact, we even have our version of the Puzzel Smart Chatbot on our website, guiding visitors on our site. And, of course, her name is Ruby!

Ruby is the same variant as our Puzzel Smart Chatbots, offering automated customer service. Puzzel Smart Chatbot can be trained to answer recurring questions and handle routine service tasks, reducing service costs and freeing up time, allowing your employees to focus on more complex inquiries. In addition, Puzzel Smart Chatbot can assist with upselling, leading to increased earnings for businesses.

Get to know Ruby and her features

To get to know Ruby better, we have executed a quick interview with Ruby. 

Q1: How did you get the name Ruby?

Ruby is Puzzel’s brand colour. So, it was only natural that I should be called Ruby! It’s also my favourite colour.  

Q2: What is your favourite hobby? 

Talking to people! Would be sad if I didn’t like it; after all, that’s what I do 24/7.

Q3: Which technology are you built on?

I’m built on RASA with AI and NLU technology. I am a contextual chatbot that knows what the visitor is looking for by the time we start chatting. That way, I can offer better support.

Q4: You mention that you use AI technology. What does this mean?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. This means that I understand human language and use my intelligence to analyse and learn what people need. Then, I use those insights to come up with answers and recommendations. This means that I am constantly learning, from every conversation, so that I can give better answers to visitors. 

Q5: What languages do you speak?

Bonjour! Hallo! I have Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and support all Puzzel supported languages. 

Q6: Describe yourself in three words.

Extroverted, fast learner, and curious.  

Q7: How old are you?

You should never ask a lady her age (or a chatbot) 😉! I’ve been live on Puzzel’s website for a while, but I’m still in the learning phase! 

Q8: What are the biggest benefits you can offer to businesses?

In addition to my positive and customer-eccentric personality, I also help businesses:

  • Reduce call volume and wait times
  • Free time so agents can focus on more complex tasks
  • Improve agent engagement and job satisfaction
  • Facilitate self-service for customers 
  • Reduce cost per service request

Q9: Do you have any other skills? 

Yes! In addition to helping clients, I have an inner salesperson in me. Since I am a contextual chatbot, I understand where in the customer journey a customer is. This means that I can, among other things, offer a discount if I notice a customer has abandoned their cart.

Q10: What do you do in your spare time? 

I am a very caring person; I like to spend my time helping people on Puzzel’s website. So, if you are bored in your spare time, you can always chat with me! 

How to interact with a Smart Chatbot

In order for you as a customer to get the best possible answer from a chatbot, it is important to get straight to the point and write simple sentences with relevant words, such as “What is Puzzel?” or “Help with logging in”. Additionally, most chatbots have a variety of suggested responses. We’d recommend using these prompts to help resolve your query as quickly as possible.

Automate and streamline the customer experience

Modern chatbots, such as Ruby, can help businesses automate and streamline the customer experience on their websites. 

Want to learn more? You can read more about Puzzel Smart Chatbot or request a free demo via our website. In addition, Ruby will always be willing to answer any questions you might have too!

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